Hello all, I am so excited to host my first show. I have been a shower since 2015, I started in Region 6 and have always wanted to but never found the time. Please be patient with me as I am new to this experience. Tips/kind feedback are always welcome.

For COVID compliance, I reserve the right to make changes to requirements right up to the last moments before the show. I don’t know what may change between now and October but I will stay on top of the latest. Please stay home if you are sick or are showing any COVID symptoms.

For now: We will be using the honor system (I won’t ask you for your vaccine card). If you are vaccinated no mask is required but you are welcome to wear one. As of now the current guidelines are non-vaccinated people should continue to wear masks. I will have masks available and hand sanitizer as well. 

Ok on to show specifics:

This venue is very particular about set up and take down. So I cannot get into the facility until 8am so I am hoping to have enough family and or volunteers to set up tables so we can be ready to roll by 8:30.

Update 07/01 - I was told today that if the venue is not booked for the night before I can get in and set up tables. This should help us get going more quickly. I can arrive at the show hall at 7:30 so that will be the earliest I can get us in. 

Times:    8am show hall opens.  8:30am first class called.   8:40 judging starts.  1-2 lunch  2pm raffle

Show approval pending

Who can join: This show is open to anyone. Judges may not compete in any divisions that they are judging and may not judge any models they may have customized or sculpted. Show tables are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Entry Fees:

   Sales of Hobby related items are permitted from your table, or you can purchase an additional sales table for $25.00.  Sorry no refunds, I have to pay for the show space so if you must cancel then your entry becomes a donation.

Pease make payments to PayPal. Or I will be at the Swap meet in Oregon in August if you want to pay in person. I accept PayPal JanalPurtlebaugh@Gmail.com 

Tables will be assigned, if you wished to be located next to someone, please let me know on your entry form and I will do my best to make that happen.


I am accepting donations for a raffle. All proceeds from this raffle will go to the Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue. You can read more about them on the link provided below.


 Raffle tickets are $1 dollar each or 6 for $5 dollars.


Please let me know if you have any items that you would like to donate for the raffle. 😊

NAMHSA: approval is pending. Unfortunately, the Breyer Live Show Benefit program has been canceled until further notice. If that changes between now and then and time permits, I will submit for it.


No running, smoking, vaping or alcohol consumption in the show hall.

Please no pets in the show hall. Service animals are permitted however you are responsible if they cause any damage.

All children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult supervising them at all times. I would recommend that non-entrant children stay home, these are long days are there are a lot of expensive breakable models.

You must own the models you are showing no entry fee sharing allowed.

Make sure you ask before touching any models that are not your own.

Good sportsmanship and common courtesy are always expected. This is a family event so please use appropriate language.

Have fun and be a good sport.

Please obey these rules. Breaking them may result in you being asked to leave without a refund.  

No alcohol, I had to buy liability insurance and sign a form stating none would be on the premises during our event…so please. 😊



The judge’s decisions are final. If you have a question about a placing or not sure what class to put your horse in, wait until the judge is finished with a class before asking. Please don’t interrupt them while they are judging. 

Prizes: Flat ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 6th place.  Rosettes for sectional, overall divisional champions and reserves. Results for 1st and 2nd place will be recorded and submitted to NAMHSA.

Medallions by Artist Phariss Sacha will be awarded for Divisional Overall Champs.  Check out her Facebook page.

Limits: Class limits for open halter classes are 2 models per class. A 1 dollar buy in for each additional model is allowed. Please only enter the number of horses you can realistically handle within the time limits. Please place your dollar in front of each additional horse in the class and judges will collect these. 

Time: Due to the large number of classes to get through, time limits will be used. There will 5 minutes between halter classes. Please be prompt and listen to the announcements to keep track of judges calling classes. We will use the two-table system, while the judge is placing a class the second table will be available for the next class to be set up. 

Class Splits: Judges may choose to spilt classes if they deem necessary for large classes or extra competitive classes. 

Classes will be judged by the following guidelines and at the judges discretion in accordance with NAMHSA guidelines:

Breed: Correctness of anatomy, biomechanics, and confirmation; breed standards including color and pattern that represents current or historical standards. Overall appearance including quality and condition: judges’ overall impression.

Foals: Can only participate in foal breed classes unless otherwise listed. They do however compete with adult models in collectability/workmanship unless otherwise listed.

Collectability: Rarity, Age, Condition, desirability. Judges’ overall impression, inclusion of supporting documentation.

Workmanship: Quality and execution of finish work; accuracy, correctness, and realism of customization or sculpting; quality of prep work; accuracy and realism.


**  Recommended for all rare breeds, colors, cross breeds or patterns. When in doubt include it.

** Allowed for workmanship but may not identify the artist involved in the creation of the piece.

**  Required for all Collectability entries. 

Documentation should succinct and include only necessary pictures and information in a readable but not excessive font size. Please limit documentation to a single 8.5x11 page. This is to be respectful of space for all entries. 

Model/Breed Placements: Check with your judge on breed placements but we are using the NAMHSA Breed cross reference list. 

LR = Limited Run and is defined as models that were produced in runs of 160 or less.

SR = Special Run This section is for models that are limited in number and availability and do not appear in regular catalogs.

RR= Regular Run  models listed by Breyer in their yearly and mid-year catalogs.

OF = Original Finish Factory finished models; no alterations allowed. Unnoticeable minor touchups to ear tip rubs or hooves are acceptable. Judges can disqualify models if the restoration is obvious or extensive.  


Mini Halter Division: for all OF Little Bits/Paddock Pals, Stablemates, mini whinnies and Stone Pebbles and Chips. The SR section in minis includes LR.

Tags: We are participating in the region 1 tag saver program and tags are required for all models. White string tags are perfect and should include, your region 1 number, horses ID number(that you assigned), horses name, finish and breed.  Please print clearly on your tags so we can read them. If you don’t have a region one number let me know and I can assign a shower ID for this show.